Friday, September 10, 2010

Thankful on Sept. 10, 2010

Thankful today for the memories that cause me to smile through the tears of missing my children...

I think of my four-year-old little dirt-magnet Shakira, cruising the rocky driveway on her bicycle with Dave, the kindergarten chicken, holding tight to the handlebars. Beautiful, dirty Shakira, with the sun shining through her white curls, has always had that light-shimmering smile that brings me so much joy.

When Iver was a toddler, thrilled and obsessed with dinosaurs, he very often roamed the earth in velociraptor stance. Tiptoes, some bizarre, two-fingered hand position and loud, warped growl-sounds permeated my days. It all became quite humorous the day he, in said stance, bit his Grandma J. on the butt. Iver's twisted humor began at birth, and has always brought me joy.

Thankful that 22 years ago, Corbin looked at me with such gentleness and love, through those fabulous pointy-down eyelashes of his. He still looks at me that way. And his older, softened features continue to thrill me after all of this time. Crazy-thankful.


  1. The Iver story made me laugh out loud. What a funny day. And, now when I remind him about the dinosaur days, his face turns red!
    You are a blessed Mom.

    I love you, Linda

  2. It's great to be able to hear your words. Thanks for doing a blog. You are already doing better then me, two days in a row!